"Songbook of Detours - Buch der Umwege"
11 compositions for Piano Solo
written and performed by
Lothar Dithmar

released September 2015
by Starfish-Music (Bremen/Germany)

      01     Journey into Dusk
      02     New Ansbruck Road
      03     Miradouro Moments
      04     Quand je te vois passer
      05     Winterreise
      06     So (oder so)
      07     Cordoba (Für CG)
      08     A Study in Rain
      09     Autumn of '88
      10     L'escalier de Fons
      11     Detours and Changes

"Moon of Apex Cordis"
11 compositions for Piano and Electronics
written and performed by
Lothar Dithmar

released August 2009
by Starfish-Music (Bremen/Germany)

      01     Widerschein (Zürich, 26.Mai 1960)
      02     Ansbruck Open Road
      03     Andere Zeit I
      04     Schattenspiel
      05     Fundstück: Tagtraum
      06     Aphorisms of a strange scenery
      07     Andere Zeit II
      08     Yorick
      09     Drei, vier Tanzfiguren...
      10     Le quatuor fugace
      11     Moon of Apex Cordis

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